About us

About Festive Luxe

Here at Festive Luxe, we enjoy bringing happiness to people with our Christmas crackers. We’ve always enjoyed the excitement of sharing a cracker with people close to us and sharing the surprise gift inside. That's why we have dedicated ourselves to creating enjoyable and beautifully crafted luxury Christmas crackers for everyone to enjoy.

Festive Luxe was established in in 2014 and has recently come under new management. Most of the designs of the Christmas crackers are created in Australia by Fiona and Stefan unlike many crackers that are designed in the UK and elsewhere. Premium presents are carefully chosen to be on another level from the usual disposable contents . Our goal is to offer a premium quality range of Christmas Crackers with innovative and beautiful eye-catching designs that also adds fun and excitement to any Christmas event.

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At Festive Luxe, we believe and value the importance of caring for the planet and the people living in it. That is why we have committed ourselves to create high-quality sustainable Christmas crackers through ethical and eco-friendly processes.